What is the difference between recovery and restorative?

Within the membership area, you will have access to our video library that includes different categories of videos. This includes categories Recovery & Restorative.

Every MVMNT has a purpose and every sequence has an effect. How we move internally and externally impacts our performance in work, life, and play. The recovery and restorative categories were created for two specific purposes:

Recovery: We have created the "Recovery" section with the intention of active recovery, mobility training and to work on developing the proper mobility and flexibility to optimize your health. These are simple and detailed step-by-step instruction videos designed to help you recover from your workout or everyday life. These videos are best-done after your workout or workday.

Restorative: We have created the "Restorative" section with the intention of restoring the central nervous system and encouraging you into a more parasympathetic state. These are simple and detailed buttery smooth, calming, and relaxing sequences lead by Crystal richly filled with gentle stretching, breath work and a big focus on relaxation and downregulating the central nervous system. These sequences will help you calm the body and mind, restore your nervous system and breathing patterns, practice mindfulness, and nourish the body holistically. These videos are best done before bed or on rest days.

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